Monday, November 12, 2012

Ancient Greek art - The Mycenaeans.

 Above : Map of Mycenaean culture

I'm going to be making some upcoming blog posts on ancient Greek art, and I'd figure I'd start with the earliest known Greeks, the Mycenaeans [1600-1100 BC].

Two Greek warriors on a 13th c. BC fresco from Pylos. (National Archaeological Museum, Athens)

Pylos battle scene.


Two Mycenaean female charioteers from Pylos.

Mycenaean women shown in a fresco from Thebes.  

Head artwork from Greek Mycenaean swords.

Reconstructed Greek Mycenaean fresco.

Mycenaean Greek female.

Mycenaean Priestess 

Mycenaean Greek woman from fresco.  

Mycenaean Greek woman brings offerings.   

Mycenaean daughters.

Greek soldiers on Mycenaean mural. 


  1. It is so clear from these frescos that Mycenaean Art was heavily influenced by Minoan Art, which was in turn heavily influenced by Dynastic Egypt Art.

  2. Yes, but...
    The Minoan art seems much more female-centric, more so than either the Egyptian or Mycenaean examples.
    It could be that the Mycenaeans started off more female-centric, but became less so after the fall of the Minoans